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If you have horses,
 we have what you need to keep them happy! 


    Golden State Corral's  design allows you to build only what you need now and add more later. Begin with the end in mind to create the facility of your dreams!.  We specialize in corral panels, horse stall systems, round pens, roping and riding arenas,  free standing, shelters, wash rack, feeders, covered corrals, mare motels, and arenas fencing.
 We separate our products from the competition by using heavier gauged materials and better quality.

-CORRALS: Golden State Corral's. offers a complete line of pre-fabricated complete  corrals manufactured from the highest quality materials available on the market. We now use exclusively Allied  galvanized steel  in all manufacturing.

   Choose from a wide variety of options such as size of corrals, number of rails, with or without welded-wire, with or without feeder access, from 5' to 6' in height.


*1-5/8" or 1-7/8" (O.D.) galvanized steel.
* Complete corrals available from 12' x 12' up to 24' x 24'.
* Exclusive (tm) complete corrals available.
* Complete corrals available with welded-wire.
* Complete corrals with 3 to 6 rails.
* Complete corrals available in 5' or 6' heights.
* Double gate panels. With or without feeder access.






-ROUND PENS: Un área  de trabajo muy útil y versátil  con un número infinito de usos para que su caballo este contento. Esto provee un área segura y controlada para potros y caballos heridos, recinto portátil para el pasto restringido o para proporcionar una educación suelta de caballos jóvenes.
   Estas áreas de trabajo para caballos son construidas  con marcos de  2" tubería cuadrada con 2" canal soldado en las esquinas para sostener los bordes en el lugar. 
 Ellos son 8' altos y 8'.  ¡Perfecto para  el trabajo   en la  tierra, formación, o equitación ... y usted puede hacerlo tan grande como usted desee!

1-5/8" o 1-7/8" (O.D.) acero galvanizado
Paneles disponibles en secciones de 8'  a secciones de24' 
Paneles con 3 a 6 carriles
Paneles de 5' o 6' de alturas
Paneles / paneles de puerta disponibles
Entrega e Instalación disponible
1-5/8" o 1-7/8", 15 medida, galvanizada
5' x 7' autorización de entrada; pestillo de K-barra incluido en todos los paneles de puerta 
The Golden State Corral's Horse Shelter is a low cost, quality built, portable home for your horses.
   Horses, like people, deserve a safe and comfortable shelter. However, the cost of a barn or shed can often be quite prohibitive.
  The Horse Shelter is constructed with 2” - 16 gauge high carbon tubular steel, the same material used in our Heavy Duty Panels. The package includes two 12’ long x 7’ tall side panels and two roof panels which pin together at the peak. The addition of a 12’ Heavy Duty Panel (not included in package) on the third side adds stability and safety to the unit. You can leave the front open or turn your shelter into a stall with an optional 12’ Panel with 4’ Gate.

Arena and Pasture Fencing; Golden State Corral's,  offers many  benefits for your Arena and horse  containment needs while being low cost, durable and easy to install.
   The modular design allows the user the ability to create many different designs.

   Large, double and small entrance gates available as options. All parts are Hot Dipped Galvanized for long term durability.    
The swing out feeders are made of hot dipped galvanized steel and expanded metal... built to last.
  The feeder swings out into hallway for easy feeding, includes a hay rack, and can be installed to open either left or right depending on your barn and horse stall configuration.
  The swing out is definitely one of our most popular but there are more....

   Hay Racks, Feeder Doors...
   We have all the feeding accessories that you need to customize your horse stall and keep your feeding chores simple and convenient... Corner hay racks or grilled hay racks..
- Feeder Windows which can be installed in doors or wall areas...
- Corner mount feed & water bucket holders, or add the convenience of outside the   stall feeding with the wall mount swing out bucket holder for  feed or water...  
AUTOMATIC WATER CONTAINERS: Your Fence Line Feeder can be installed on a barn wall.
Golden State Corral's. offers wash racks and hitching posts which can be incorporated into any grooming bay or wash facility. 
   Both the wash rack and hitching post are fabricated from 2-3/8" (O.D.), CQ20, galvanized steel  for superior strength. This "heavy-walled" pipe ensures the security and safety of you and your horse.
   The wash rack incorporates a simple yet effective safety feature, employing a removable  rail at the rear for easy access into and out of the wash rack. Both the wash rack and hitching post are available with or without weld-on flange plates for masonry applications.

*Available with or without weld-on flange plates for masonry applications
*Hitching posts available in 6' lengths to 12' lengths
*2-3/8" (O.D.), CQ20, galvanized formed steel.
*Dim: 63" H x 40-1/2" W x 76" L,
*Weight: 50 lbs.


 You'll appreciate the difference!
2217 Chico Av. El Monte. CA 91733 
Phone: 626-638-5000

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